The Ancient of Days

The Ancient of Days Glass Sculpture 38” x 30” circa £1000

The Ancient of Days (after Blake 1757-1827) by Colin Rayne

William Blake was one on many artists whose work I studied very early on in my life.

It says something for the piece,  that very many years have elapsed since then, but the work is still firmly embedded on my memory. Little wonder, because though not recognised in his lifetime, Blake is considered a ‘seminal figure’ in the visual arts and poetry, and one of Britains greatest men.
 He was a little mad, perhaps a positive quality in many artists, which allow us to leave inhibitions aside, and and to focus on creativity.
The Ancient of Days, is based upon a 10” x 8” print for book illustration, and one of eight slightly different prints that he made of the same subject.
After making the ‘elliptical frame’ I used spray paint to reproduce the whole backdrop: i.e. the central circle, the clouds and the shafts of light coming through them. No paint could be applied after the glass had been added, in case its fine spray, obscured the glass, despite any masking off; observed by previous experience.
The central figure, ‘God’ within the sphere and holding a pair of dividers which reaches down into the ‘void’ is intended to suggest God creating the world, and perhaps simultaneously, judging it. The God figure is made from 3mm & 4mm silver glass. Using some artistic licence I have place a ‘Martian, red Sun’ shown at the top of figure. 

I hope that Blake would be flattered by my tribute to him, were he with us today, and that my followers will find it of interest, and offer some stimulating thought!

‘The Ancient of Days’ (after Blake 1757-1827) 38” x 30” offers circa £1000

Colin Rayne Showing The Ancient of Days