A New Year Toast With A Glass Of Perrier!

perrier bottle clock

This is an electronic clock, mounted inside a Perrier Bottle

I used to drink Perrier Water, and conceived the idea of putting a clock into a Perrier bottle, back in 1990.

Having suggested the idea to ‘Aqualac’ – the ‘then’ London distributer of Perrier, (now owned by Nestle) was given an order to produce

two clocks: one for London HQ – and the other for their base in Vergeze, the source of their spring water, in the South of France.

The method was to remove 3/4” off the base of the bottle, and mount the clock onto a stainless steel facia, of the profile of the inside of the bottle.

Needless to say, several attempts were made at the extremely precise limits of the base cutting, after which the touching surfaces were smoothed and polished for an airtight fit.

Illuminated with LED bulb + 9v battery.

Copies can be made for £395 each.